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Latest Trends

Discover the latest and most beautiful trends for remodelling bathroom vanities that everyone is talking about

35+ Years Of Experience

Experience the difference of custom-built bathroom cabinets backed by 35+ years of expert craftsmanship

Cost & Timeline

Easy to follow timeline and a transparent cost breakdown for an easy process

HP Woodwork

Kitchen Cabinet

Renovation In Calgary

HP Woodwork

Bathroom Cabinet

Renovation In Calgary

Bathroom Vanity Replacement

A Bathroom Vanity Replacement is a type of bathroom renovation where we remove and replace the sink, countertop, and storage cabinets. A Bathroom Vanity Replacement is a great way to remodel your bathroom by giving it a modern touch.

· Improved Functionality

· Vanity Remodelling

· Personalized Design

Increases Available Space

Easy to Clean Materials

Safety Features Like Soft-Close Drawers

Bathroom Countertop Replacement

· Water Resistant

· Durable Material

· Easy to Clean

Bathroom Countertop Replacement is a process where we replace the countertop in your bathroom vanity. The different material options we provide include quartz, granite, marble, or wood. Each material has its own unique benefits and characteristics that highlight different bathroom designs.

Water Resistant Material

Multiple Different Materials Available

Easy to Clean Surfaces

Bathroom Cabinet Renovation

A Bathroom Cabinet Renovation is a process where we replace the entire cabinets within a bathroom vanity. New Bathroom Cabinets are a great way to introduce more storage in your bathroom while also giving it a modern look.

· Extra Storage

· Improved Functionality

· Vanity Renovation

Extra Storage and A Modern Look

A Variety of Handles To Choose From

Add Fresh Cabinets For a New Style

Linen Cabinet Installation

· Extra Storage

· Organizes Space

· Highlighting Display

Linen Cabinets are a special type of cabinet that offers more depth, allowing you to store longer items such as hand and body towels. They contain open shelving to easily display items you use everyday, and functional door cabinets as storage space for other belongings.

Easy Access to Everyday Items

More Depth For Extra Storage

Showcase Photos and Other Decorations

Our Services

Modern Bathroom Vanity & Cabinets

Modern bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets showcase sleek designs and innovative storage solutions. Our services for a modern bathroom remodelling include:  custom cabinets, floating vanity, quartz countertops, high-gloss or matte finishes, open bathroom shelves, and modern handles.

Transitional Bathroom Vanity & Cabinets

Transitional bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets combine elements from both modern and traditional bathroom renovations. Our services for a transitional bathroom remodelling include: cabinet refacing, neutral or soft painting colours, hardware replacements, vanity top replacements, extra storage cabinets. 

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